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Our mission is to provide a unique experience to our customers with our great quality items as well as our service, and we provide a different option for everyone with simple but very flavorful dishes. We believe 100% that quality really does make a difference.

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Sandwich Wraps

Molly's Kitchen

Northfield, NJ

Sandwich Wraps

Introducing the latest trend in the world of sandwiches - sandwich wraps! These handheld delights are taking the lunch game by storm with their delicious fillings and convenient packaging. Say goodbye to soggy bread and hello to a perfectly wrapped meal that you can enjoy on-the-go. Sandwich wraps have become a popular alternative to traditional sandwiches in recent years. They offer a convenient and versatile option for those looking for a tasty, on-the-go meal. Our sandwich wraps come in a variety of flavors, from classic deli meats to veggie options, there's something for everyone. Each wrap is carefully crafted with fresh ingredients and packed with flavor. Not only are our sandwich wraps tasty, but they also offer endless possibilities for customization. Plus, they are perfect for any occasion - whether it's a quick lunch at work or a picnic in the park. Our extensive menu also includes burgers, chicken tenders, and more! Don't miss out on this delicious and convenient alternative to traditional sandwiches. Try our sandwich wraps today and experience the ultimate lunchtime satisfaction. Visit our American restaurant today!